What size Air Conditioner do I need for home

Before buying an air conditioner ask your self What size air conditioner do I need This is the first question should raise in your mind when you have plan to purchase an air conditioner. We are here to give the complete clarification on selection of air conditioner size, which ac is better like Split AC or Window AC, What is EER etc.

what size air conditioner do I need


To get the perfect answer for you question What size air conditioner do I need, just you need to estimate your room size in Square Feet. It will gives you exact tonnage or size of air conditioner. Below table can helps to get the answer for What size air conditioner do I need.

BTU (British Thermal Unit) is measuring unit for thermal energy.

1 ton = 12000 BTU/h = 3500W

Room Area AC Size Required
0-75 Sq. Ft 0.75 Ton
80-125 Sq. Ft 1 Ton
130- 200 Sq. Ft 1.5 Ton
205-300 Sq. Ft 2 Ton

Split AC or Window AC

what size air conditioner do I need

Split AC and Window AC are the two models available in the market . Air Conditioner is the combination of Blower and Compressor. Indoor unit which is called Blower can be fitted inside of the Room and Outdoor Unit which is called Compressor can be fitted on outside in Split AC. In window AC both Compressor and Blower are assembled in one box. If you want to buy a window AC , you need to make the window for mounting . Whereas Split AC there is no need to make the hole and simply you can fix it to wall. Installation of Split AC is flexible anywhere because of it’s portability. Relocation of Split AC is expensive because you need to refill the gas when you relocated it. Window AC will disturbs the aesthetic of rooms where as Split AC improves the aesthetic.

What size air conditioner do I need vs my Budget

When you prepared to buy an AC, first important factor is your Budget.  In your budget choose the right one either Split AC or Window AC. Do not go beyond your budget limit, it will hurt you.

Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) / Star Rating

EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating is the most important factor need to consider before buying an Air Conditioner. It indicates the efficiency of an Air Conditioner and all rating given by Bureau of Energy Efficiency.  Higher rating like 5 star rated AC will consumes Less power compared to No Star, One Star and Two Star rated ACs. If your budget is less, 3 star rated AC is the best option to purchase.

Inverter AC with Star Rating

Inverter AC controls the speed of the compressor through sensing the room temperature. If the room temperature reached to set temperature, compressor will run at very low speed and it consumes 30% less power compared to conventional ACs. If you have a sufficient budget to purchase this inverter , it is better to select Inverter AC with minimum 3 star rating.

Coil – Copper / Aluminum

Aluminum Coil or Copper Coil is used to refrigerate the gas like in back side of the Refrigerator. Copper coil is the best choice to select because it is non-corrosive, having higher heat transfer rate and compared to aluminum coil it is expensive. So select which AC having Copper coil.

Essentially Required Features

All the essential features like Auto Cleaning Function, which increase life of the AC by clean the accumulated dirt or bacteria inside automatically,  Auto detect function  should verify before purchase of AC  and finally easily removable dust filters to clean them.

Transport and Installation

Most of the dealers or distributors are providing transportation and installation at free of cost. So you need to check with the dealer before paying the money.

Service / Warranty Period

Service and Warranty period is the very important factor needs to consider and most of the manufacturers are giving 10 years warranty for compressor and free gas filling. Don’t forget to keep warranty card at safe place because it is more useful in future.


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