Top 7 natural tips for beautiful eyes and Eye Care

In over all human body, Beautiful and  very important organs are eyes  and needs to maintain them Healthy and beautiful. Here are natural tips for beautiful eyes and Eye Care to maintain your eyes to be healthy and beautiful. Along with these eye care tips, we are giving you simple eye makeup tips also.

Natural tips for beautiful eyes and Eye Care

Olive Oil

Eyelashes will enhance the beauty of eyes and everybody especially every woman wishes to have the long and beautiful eyelashes. To maintain these eyelashes to be thick and black, take one tea spoon of Olive oil (Extra Virgin) and massage your eyes in circular motion for 20 minutes. Do this process regularly to get the beautiful long eyelashes.

Castor Oil

Take one teaspoon of castor oil and gently massage on eyebrows and closed eyes for a half an hour. Do this process in bed time and leave it complete night. By this method all the dust accumulated in the eyes will come out and eyes will be very clear and healthy.

Rose Flowers Boiled Water

To overcome the stress on eyes and make them cool, take some 3-5 rose flowers and boiled in 2 glass of water.  Clean your eyes with this water after cool down to maintain your eyes healthy and cool.

Almonds Paste

Take 5-7 almonds and soak them in water overnight. Morning remove the peel and make it paste. Gently apply this paste on your eyes and leave it for up to get it dry and rinse off with plain water. To get rid of dark circles around the eyes use this tip and you will get good feel in few days.

Aloe Vera gel from Leaves

Take aloe vera leave and cut down at middle and squeeze the jel in one small bowl. Close your eyes and gently apply in circular motion carefully. Now wash off with normal water after 20-30 minutes.To avoid the wrinkles and dark circles around your eyes use this eye care tip.

Cucumber Slices and Sesame Oil

Most of the people knows about the uses of cucumber slices and it will helps to enhance the freshness of eyes. Put the cucumber slices on the eyes for half an hour and remove them.  Now take one tea spoon of Sesame oil and massage your eyes gently. Wash off with warm water after few minutes.  Now you will get relaxed and stress free feeling on your eyes.

Fresh Potato Slices

Further more Fresh Potato slices are also effectively helps to reduce the wrinkles and dark circles around eyes. Put the potato slices on your eyes and massage for 15-20 minutes and wash off with water.


Finally Practice these tips for beautiful eyes and Eye Care regularly along with proper balanced diet, drink plenty of water and regular exercises will improves your skin glow permanently.  To maintain the glowing face always take fiber rich food , have the  vitamin C fruits daily , avoid direct sun rays and finally always be happy with cool mind.

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