Top 10 Natural Hair Care Tips for women and men

A beautiful hair can improve  our confident levels and make us feel attractive. But we are not taking proper care to avoid hair fall, dandruff and splits due to our busy life activities. Just follow these basic natural Hair care tips developed with natural ingredients to maintain healthy care tips

Eclipta/Bhringaraj/Guntagalagar – Hair Care Tips

First of all Eclipta or Bhringaraj is the best solution for all hair related problems and it is most useful for long hair growth.

  • Take some Eclipta Alba or Bhringaraj (Guntagalagara) leaves and dry them. Make these dried leaves into a powder and add this powder to coconut oil and heated up for 5-10 minutes. This oil to be strainend and apply to your hair  in night-time and take head bathe in the morning. Use this process for once in a week to get rid of hair fail.  If you unable to get the Bhringa raj leaves, you can purchase bhringaraj powder from Pathanjali super markets or in any ayuredhic shops by online.
  • First of all, mix the 2 tabel spoons of Bhring raj powder in 1 glass of  water and heated upto get the water to half glass. Massage your hair properly with this water for 15 minutes and wash off. This
  • Mix the 3 table spoons of powders of Bhring raj, curry leaves, Amla and fenugreek seeds in half liter coconut oil and heated up for few minutes. This oil is most effective and useful compared to oils available in market for reducing the hair fall.

Hibiscus/Mandara – Hair Care Tips

  • Hibiscus (Mandaara) flowers are very helpful to reduce grey hair and hair fall also. So add some dried Hibiscus or Mandara flowers to coconut oil and heated up for few minutes. This oil can be used regularly at night-time for positive results. Hence you will get your natural hair color in few months.

 Egg White and Honey  – Hair Care Tips

  • To turn your hair to be silky and shiny, the best effective tip is Egg white. Mix the Egg white in one cup of curd and gently massage your head with this mixture for 20 minutes. Now take your head bathe and you feel very happy with this technique.
  • Honey is having natural antibacterial properties and it can be used with egg white to get shine for your dull hair and it’s also a best conditioner. Mix the one spoon of honey with egg white and gently apply to your hair roots for 15 minutes. Rinse off your hair with normal with mild shampoo and do this process for 15 days for better results.

Aloe Vera Gel

  • Cut down the Aloe Vera leaves and squeeze the gel from leaves and mix with E vitamin oil extract from E vitamin capsules. Apply this mixture on head for 20 minutes and wash off.  To get the healthy conditioned hair do this process for a month.

Olive Oil + Coconut Milk – Hair Care Tips

Further more  best Hair Care Tips with Olive oil and Coconut Milk to reduce the hair fall.

  • Olive oil is best solution for hair fall and conditioner. This can help to reduce the hair fall and maintain the conditioned hair.
  • One cup of coconut milk and 3 table spoons of olive oil mix in a small bowl and apply thoroughly to your hair. Rinse well after one hour to get conditioned hair naturally.
  • To get rid of from hair fall simply you can use the coconut water by applying to your hair roots. Due to rich proteins in coconut water, your hair will get strength and healthy.


In conclusion all these natural hair care tips are most powerful and will get the positive results without any side effects. Don’t consume expensive medicines for hair fall or hair related issues. It will lead to other health issues. Let’s think natural and use naturally available ingredients at home.  Along with these tips , avoid the junk foods, oily foods and irregular diet habits.

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