how to write a blog to earn money online

Here you can easily learn How to write a blog to earn money online and to write a blog requires skills in content writing or enough knowledge in specific topic,  you must know the web development through wordpress and finally you should have the minimum knowledge of internet marketing or digital marketing. These days most of the blogging experts encouraging new comers to get the online money through blogging. However, you must realize about your skills explained above and then you can step in to blogging. Otherwise, you should fail in blogging if you start a blog without this knowledge. No need to worry about your skills and myself also improved my skills through internet only.  What I learned from experts I will teach you How to write a blog to earn money online step by step.

how to write a blog

How to write a Blog to earn money online

  • Brainstorming yourself for unique content

In our school days or college days, we have the experience in essay writing on specific topic. If you have the passion to write an essay or content, you are the most suitable person to start a Blog. Before start a blog, first brainstorming yourself to fleshing out an unique topics and then decide the topic to write a content on your blog.

  • Domain name Selection and Purchase

To start a blog you need to buy a domain name like   It’s a website name from any domain name vendors like godaddy or namecheap etc. for your blog. The selection of domain name should not be lengthy and it should be easy to remember.

  • Website Hosting

Now you got your branded domain name and then needs to make that domain online. To make it online means you need a web hosting for your domain. WordPress is the best platform for blogging and most of hosting providers like Bluehost, Siteground and Hostgater providing special wordpress hosting at cheaper price.

  • WordPress Installation

After purchase the wordpress hosting you will get the Cpanel  login details and you need to login it using your credentials username and password. You will find the WordPress Icon in software section and you should install it properly. Please see wordpress installation complete guide.

  • Unique Post with SEO

Now it’s a perfect time to write a unique content on any specific topic without copy the other’s content.  If you are technical expert like me, you can write on new technologies in electronic gadgets or cooking expert can write on tips for different dishes. Once you write down the content, you must develop the minimum knowledge of SEO (search Engine Optimization) and then only publish your content.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization is the process of Optimization of your website or blog to search engines like google, bing and yahoo. SEO is required to get the more users directed from search engines when they are searching for a specific keyword. You need to optimize your content as highly searched keyword in the search engines.

  • Share your content on Social Media

Social Media ( Facebook, twitter and youtube) is  the best option to promote your website fast and more users will come to your website. Once the user get the required information from your blog and they will come regularly. This is the popularity of your blog through social media.

  • Earn through Google Adsense

Finally it’s a time to earn money through blogging but how? Just you apply for Google Adsense with gmail account and they will review your content and website policies. Then give the approval if your blog having unique content and privacy policy etc. Once you get the approval from google, you can show the ads on your website. If more users coming to see your website, you will get more money. Along with Google Adsense so many other options are there like Affiliate marketing, product selling etc.

Now you got the basic idea of how to write a blog easily with these steps. All these information is basic and useful for beginners who wants to start blogging.

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