How to make money as a Social Media Influencer?

How to make money as a Social Media Influencer?

Social media Influencer is the person who are influencing the Social media with more than 5000 followers. Here I am sharing you to learn how to make the money through your Facebook, Youtube, Twitter accounts easily through Sponsored Posts.

To get the sponsored posts you need Face Book Profile or YouTube Channel which should be active profile and should have the followers of more than 5000. If you have this, you are the eligible person to earn money online through social media monetization network which is called Famebit.

What is the process to make money from FameBit?

FameBit is an interactive entertainment company and also a Brand marketing network like clickbank and promote the brands through social media influencers. FameBit is providing a platform for sponsor and social media influencer. All you need 5000 followers get the sponsorship from sponsor who will approve your proposal and once your content approved by sponsor, you will earn the money online very easily.

How to Join in FameBit??

How to make money as a Social Media Influencer?

FameBit is completely  free to join and all you need to sign up first and update your profile. After sign up you can post proposals on Famebit. It’s completely free platform and there’s no monthly charges or contracts. All your social media links have more than 5000 followers to be add to the account to get the sponsorship.

Once you registered with FameBit, you can search their marketplace to browse the brands who can give the sponsorship by promoting their product. Here you can find all types of products related to electronic gadgets, fashion, technology, beauty, fashion, pets etc.

So you need to sort out the brands and products based on your interest. Once you select the products and then send the proposal and ideas about that brand. For any number of companies you can send the proposals to get the sponsorship. But before that you should study that brand and prepare yourself with unique idea.

Once sponsor approves your content for publishing, you need to work on the promotion plan and send the draft with the brand or company using the Famebit dashboard. If this also accepted, you can promote with that company.

Charges and Fee:

FameBit is taking 10% service charges to facilitate this platform and after approval of your content.  For example, if you bid $100 for a campaign, you will get $90 only and remaining 10$ will be taken by Famebit. All these charges are happen once your submitted content has been approved by the brand. This does not include any PayPal or credit card processing fees. All your payments will be done by Paypal. So you need to open paypal account if you don’t have.

All your earnings:

You can earn as low as 50$ and as much as 10000$ per sponsored post. So Finally try this Famebit to earn money online easily by using your social media followers more than 5000. All your earnings depends on unique content approved by more brands.


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