Top best passive income ideas

What is Passive Income

These days so many people are searching for Best Passive Income Ideas to earn the money without doing much work. Simply we can say that Passive Income is an extra money to earn while your are sleeping or by putting small efforts. But to generate passive income you should identify the best ways and here we brought some best passive income ideas.

best passive income ideas


Best Passive Income Ideas:


Youtube is a great option for developing passive income without any investment. All you need one gmail account and one smart phone with good camera. By using your smart phone camera shoot the videos in your kitchen, your children dance or any interesting one and upload to Youtube.Create a youtube channel by using your gmail account credentials  and upload an awesome video. After uploading share your your videos in whatsapp groups, Face book groups, instagram etc to get the more viewers to your videos. Now you can monetize your videos with google adsense to generate passive income. More views to your videos means you will get more money by google adsense network.


Fiverr is the greatest online market place and here you can work as a freelancer. All your services like article writing , web development, seo, graphic design etc can be sell at 5$ per service. Create an account with Fiverr to generate the passive income part time by using your skills like web development, article writing, transcription etc.

Sell an E-book

Do you have the passion of article writing, then it’s best opportunity sell your article in the form of E-Book. Create an account in Amazon Kindle and you can publish and sell your E-Book.


If you have good enough teaching skills, make a video course on your favorite subject and sell your course on Udemy. It’s very good option to generate passive income online using your teaching skills.

Affiliate Marketing

Majority  of the bloggers and website owners generating their passive income through affiliate marketing only. So it’s fantastic option to choose affiliate marketing by sign up with Clink Bank, Cj and Share a Sale etc.

Stock Market

Gain the enough knowledge in stock market and then only enter into stock market with little extra money to generate passive income online. Choose the right stocks which are in high profitability and invest in them.

Real Estate

You can start this business without investment by just promoting the established ventures. You need to reach the people to buy a property and lead them to land lard. For this work you can get commission very easily.

Sell physical products online

Create an merchant  accounts with E-bay or Amazon and sell your physical products online without having any identity. But product should have the good quality and lowest price to get the repeat orders.

T-Shirt Designs

Become a T-shirt Designer and all your designs can upload to Cafe Press or Amazon Merch to sell them. These site are very popular and you can easily generate your passive income

Website Developer / Graphic designer

Create an account with E-lance and upload your skills of Web development or Graphic design and you will get the genuine customers who can pay genuinely. This is also one of the best passive income ideas.


Finally Blogging is the one of the best passive income ideas to generate very good income if you have the unique content. Purchase a domain from godaddy or namecheap and install wordpress. Then start writing the articles on your interesting topic for 15 – 25 nos and apply for google adsense to monitize your blog.





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