Beginners LED lighting purchase guide

Beginners LED lighting purchase guide>>>

First of all we should know the all major terms which are used in LED lighting industry, before buying a LED light.  Beginners LED lighting purchase guide  which will gives you perfect guidance for purchase of good and reliable LED light as per your requirement. Incandescent, metal halide lamps, Florescent Lamps, CFL lamps consumes 50% more power than LED lights. All traditional lights are use and throw but LED lights are repairable and reusable. All these benefits of LED lights attract the people to replace with them.

Beginners LED lighting purchase guide

Terms used in LED lighting Industry:

What is Lux? 

Lux is the standard measuring unit of Light output and it’s equal to luminous flux or Lumens per one square meter area(m²). Lux is completely depends on distance between light source and area of light illumination.

The Light output from a LED light or any other light source determined by this is the accurate method. Spectroradiometer is the one of the measuring equipment to measure the Lux. It can give the exact results of light characteristics.

Normally direct Sun light Lux typically in the range of 35000 – 100000 and Sun set and Sun rise Lux levels around 350-450.

Every Specific area has the standard requirement of minimum Lux levels.  See some examples…

Hospital Operation Theatre – 1000

Class Room / Reading Room – 300

Workshops / Factories – 800

Living Room / Bed Rooms  – 50

Kitchen / Labs / Super Markets – 450

Store Rooms/ Warehouse – 500


Lumen (LM) is the standard measuring unit of total amount of  light output from a  light source. We can say that simply brightness of the light source. This indicates more lumens means more light output. To measure the Lumens of one light, we should use Lux meter. Integrating Sphere can give the accurate results and this equipment is very expensive. Accredited lab people only use this integrating sphere to measure the lumens.

LUMENS to LUX Calculation:

To convert Lumens value of a product to Lux value, you should know the surface area of measurement and Lux value.

Example: One LED light Lux value is 300Lx on the area of 5 square meter (Sq.M). Now what is illumination flux or Lumens output?

Lux = Lumens / Sq. M

Lumens = Lux X Sq. M

Lumens = 300 X 5 = 1500Lumens

Therefore, that particular LED light is producing total light output of 1500Lumens.


Watt vs Lumnes used to determine the efficacy of a Light Source means how that light giving brighter light output by consuming  Lower power. The measuring unit of power consumption is Watt.  If you take LED bulb or any other bulb it will consumes the less power than same wattage of incandescent light  and gives the light output at very high efficacy.

Every bulb light is not the same to give light output and most of tradition lights will consume more power and gives low light output. The Lumens per Watt is the measuring unit (Lm/W) and indicates the efficacy of light.LED lights will give more than 100Lm/W and working for long time.


Foot Candles is the Non SI measuring unit of Light output per square foot area and it’s equal to 10.764Lux. This unit is very rarely using now and Lumens is the standard SI unit and popular.

Beginners LED lighting purchase guide>>

CRI (Color Rendering Index)

Color Rendering Index (CRI) is indicate the ability of a light source how it efficiently shows colors of the object naturally. CRI is in the range of 0-100 and most of the LED lights can have the rating of 90 CRI. The LED light CRI rating is more than normal traditional lights.

Correlated Color Temperature (CCT)

Beginners LED lighting purchase guide

Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) is the color appearance of the LED light and is measured in Kelvin.  See the below majorly available colors of LED lights.

Warm White Light CCT: 2700-3000K

Neutral White Light CCT: 4000-4500K

Cool White Light CCT: 5000-6500K

Finally before buying any LED light you should check the maximum burning hours and warranty.

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