10 ways to keep your heart healthy

Follow these 10 ways to keep your heart healthy and not only your heart, all your body will be healthy. Every year millions of people die due to heart disease in the world. If you are a regular non vegetarian, the risk factor of heart disease more. So you should take healthy diet which is the combination of fresh vegetables, fruits and sea fish.

10 ways to keep your heart healthy

10 ways to keep your heart healthy

1. Morning Walk & Yoga

Morning Walk is the best way to start initially and also good option for all to their cholesterol levels. Due to morning walk all our body will energised and blood circulation will be increased. Regular activity of morning walk lowers our blood pressure. If you do morning walk regularly, maximum of cholesterol issues can be avoid easily and improves our cardiovascular health. Walking can also lowers risk of diabetic, heart attack also.

Yoga also will improve strength of your heart and helps to build strong cardiovascular health. In yoga bhujangasanam and pranayamam asanas will improves functions of respiratory system, lungs capacity. It also provide good blood circulation in body.

2. Healthy Breakfast

Your breakfast should contain fresh vegetables, fruits and skimmed milk. Avoid oily foods, backed foods and cool drinks in the breakfast to keep your heart healthy.

3. Eat Less SALT

All your diet should be have the salt less than 6 grams and it is very good for your heart and body. Try to cut down the salt regularly and it will reduce the risk of heart decease.

4. Avoid SUGAR

Avoid consumption of more sugar in your diet and it will leads to gain of more weight. The risk of blood pressure and diabetes will increase due to too much eating of sugar. To keep your heart healthy you should maintain your diet with honey or fruits instead of sugar.

5. Have more Fish

Sea Fish like tuna and salmon have more omega-3 fatty acids and which is will reduce our bad cholesterol and improves good cholesterol levels to maintain healthy heart.

10 ways to keep your heart healthy

10 ways to keep your heart healthy

6. Balance your Weight

Your weight should always compared with your height and take maximum of fruits and vegetables in your diet to balance your weight. To maintain your weight in balance always getting exercise and eating less sugar contained foods. This will improves your heart to be healthy.

7. Don’t Smoke

Smoking is the dangerous and one of the major reason for Cardiovascular disease. So quit the smoking immediately if you have this habit. It’s very dangerous habit to kill your heart before it will die. It’s not an easy to quit the smoking. So you need to do yoga or meditation frequently to get out from habit.

8. Stay away from Stress

These days everybody is busy in their life and forgetting about relaxation of their mind. This will create the stress on heart to break it. So avoid over stress by doing yoga or meditation regularly to keep your heart healthy and happily.

9. Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking of more water will helps to reduce the toxic from your body and heart and can improve the purity of the blood.

10. Regular Health Check-ups

Monitor your heart healthiness by doing health check-ups frequently and it will helps to prevent heart diseases.


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