10 Natural face beauty care tips for woman

10 Natural face beauty care tips for woman, can be used to  improve beauty in face and skin, all these Natural Face Beauty care tips are most useful and these are very effective and inexpensive to get fast results in our face without any side effects. In these days most of the people searching for Face Beauty care tips which are developed naturally.

10 Natural face beauty care tips for woman

10 Natural face beauty care tips for woman are here:

1. Tan Removing Face Beauty Care tip

Firstly wash your face with some cold water and clean with soft towel. Now take one teaspoon of CURD and one teaspoon of Tomato juice in a small bowl and mix it well. Gently apply on face and keep it for half an hour and then wash with water. By doing this process your can observe the results on your face naturally. Tan removing process at beauty parlour is a lengthy process and they will charge you more. This is one of the best natural tip and can be try at your home very easily and it’s very cost effective way.

2. Wrinkle Free  Face Beauty Care tip

Take Honey and Lemon juice in equal ratio and mix them properly. Apply this mixture on face gently by using cotton for 15 minutes. Don’t keep it for long time because it will dry up fast.  Follow this method twice a week for shining and glowing face skin. It’s a best beauty tip for removing wrinkles on face also.

3. Skin care Tip for dead skin removing

Egg white is quite useful to remove the dead skin on face and more effective beauty tip for shining face. Mix one egg white with one teaspoon of honey and apply on face like a mask.  Wash it after half an hour and you can observe the beautiful shine on your face.

4. Beauty Secret for glowing skin

Potato is best effective beauty tip for face and it’s very simple to use.  Rub the slice of the potato on face or on black layers under the eyes few minutes and wash with plain water. It will add the beauty to your face and improves the fairness of the skin.

5. Facial Tip for Color improvement

Color complexion treatment is very very expensive and in these days so many fake creams are coming in the market for color improvement. Don’t worry about your color improvement and here we are giving simple and easy tip that change your color in less than a month. Take 7-10 Almonds and soak in water for 6 hours and peel the layer. Grind it like a paste and apply on face and rinse of it after 20 minutes. If you do regularly use this tip, it will improve the face skin color by eliminating dead skin on face.

6. Face Skin Care tip for Pimples

Lime juice with turmeric is most effective tip for pimple free face. Squeeze juice from Lemon and mix it with turmeric.  Gently apply on face and rinse off with normal water when it dries. Turmeric will act as anti bacterial medicine to reduce the pimples.

7. Beauty tip for Natural Cleansing

All beauty visible on first in Face and so we need to maintain clean. Daily we are using soaps as face cleansers. But Milk is the best natural cleanser of face. Milk is having abounded nutrients and which will helps to glowing face. Massage the milk with cotton on dark spots of the face for few minutes and wash it off with pure water.  It will help get amazing glow on face if do this regularly.

8. Beauty tip for Natural shining

Gram Floor or Basan(India) is the perfect ingredient, which can be used  for shining your face. It can be used as natural scrub. After making the smooth paste with one teaspoon of gram floor (Basan) and curd in equal portions and gently apply on the face. It helps to remove the blackish on face and you feel the positive results on your face immediately.

9. Beauty Tip for glowing face

Take two E vitamin capsules and squeeze the oil from capsules. Now mix the E vitamin oil with one teaspoon of Olive oil and stir them until dissolves. Apply this oil on your face and leave it for one hour. Rinse off with normal water and feel the fantastic results. To get rid of wrinkles on your face you should follow this tip regularly.

10. Beauty Tip with Curd and Aloe vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel is the ultimate natural gel produced in leaves of Aloe Vera plant. Mix curd and aloe vera gel  in equal quantities and gently apply on face. Leave this face pack for twenty minutes and wash with Luke warm water. Regular use of this face will give the best results to achieve glow on the face.

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